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WCNA is a Hot Networking Certification for 2020

December 16

2019 has announced their picks for 2020's hot networking certifications. WCNA is a top contender for the upcoming year! Check out Reena Ghosh's article "6 Hot Networking Certifications for 2020" at

Best Computer Networking Certifications 2019

August 21


Business News Daily has announced their top picks for computer networking certifications this year and WCNA Certification remains a top contender. Check out Ed Tittel and Earl Follis's piece over at Business News Daily to learn more about this year's top certifications.

Go Certify Explores WCNA Certification as a Niche Certification

July 3rd


Go Certify has released an article exploring the value and variety of niche certifications. Six certifications are detailed, including WCNA Certification. See the article to find out more about what specialization and niche certifications can offer you as well as what is available.

Certification Name Change

July 1st


Some of you may have noticed the change from Wireshark Certified Network Analyst to simply WCNA Certification. This change is a result of Riverbed's decision to "monetise Wireshark assets" and charge for the use of the name Wireshark in this and other projects.  If you would like to learn more about this name change and what caused it, check out Go Certify's article: Wireshark Certification Hits Fork in the Road. This certification program will continue to function and be a part of the Wireshark community into the forseeable future.

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